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The focus of this webquest was to have students explore all that goes into planning a successful vacation.  They will have to explore options for rental cars, hotels, meals, and attractions, all based on a destination of their choice. 

New York State Standard
NYS Math Standard 3: Students will understand mathematics and become mathematically confident by communicating and reasoning mathematically, by applying mathematics in real-world settings, and by solving problems through the integrated study of number systems, geometry, algebra, data analysis, probability, and trigonometry.

The students will be able to:
Work together as a pair to create a budget for a vacation.
Research hotels, rental cars, and attractions for prices.
Analyze different options to save money on their vacation.
Determine the gas mileage, and distance they will travel with their rental car.

The product was differentiated in this webquest.  I wanted all of the students to have to research the same information and make the same decisions for their vacation.  The end result however, varied based on ability groups.  The below grade level group was responsible for a class presentation, and detailing their route on a road map, based on driving directions that they obtained.  The group that was on grade level did a presentation, but also had to do a comparison between a few different hotels, to explore ways of saving money.  The above average group had to do a presentation, and then explore different options of rental cars, and their efficiency on the trip they decided to take.


The websites utilized for this webquest are outside sources, so thanks to those websites for making this activity possible!

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