5 Components of Fitness and the Fitt Principle

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This WebQuest was created to  promote the
individual discovery of activities and information related to health related and skill related physical fitness components  and to encourage students to use resources available to them, as tools,
to spark an interest in a healthy lifestyle. It was also my intent to encourage students to begin utilizing the FITT formula as an exercise prescription for developing a personal fitness program. I wanted to give students the basic knowledge needed to start their own fitness program by having them to compile research from several different web cites and create their own fitness program incorporating their target heart rate into their plan.  At the end of the two weeks, the students will have a better understanding on how to use all of the
components of health related and skill related physical fitness and how to self assess their own health. It then becomes the goal that the students will adapt these new found skills and self  assessment in order to ensue a life long commitment to fitness.


4.1 Identify and define the concepts of physical fitness.
4.3 a Describe and demonstrate proper warm-up and cool-down procedures when participating in p.a.
4.3b Define the training principles of overload, progression, and specificity.
4.3c Describe the FITT principle.
4.3d Calculate resting, target and maximum heart rate as it relates to personal fitness planning.
4.4 Apply proper safety practices when participating in physical activity.
4.5.1a Assess individual health-related fitness levels by measuring flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, and body composition.
4.5.1b Design a personal fitness plan.
4.5.1c Select aerobic and anerobic activities needed for successful participation in lifetime activities.
4.6 List the health problems associated with inadequate levels of health-related fitness.
4.7 Distinguish between fact and fallacies as related to fitness products, services, and marketing.
4.8 Discuss the social, emotional, physical and mental benefits associated with participation in physical fitness activities.
4.9 Identify resources and facilities in the community that promote physical fitness and wellness.

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