Bicycle Safety: The Importance of Wearing a Safety Helmet

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This WebQuest basically focuses on teaching bicycle safety to students and learning concepts that will help them in by making sure they are safe every ride every time.

The objective is to prevent bicycle related deaths due to improper teaching of important and key safety issues.

  • Students will learn about proper way to wear helmet 
  • Students will see and be able to demonstrate proper hand signals when riding a bike for turning and passing cars 
  • Students will hear real life stories of improper helmet use and consequences that could happen if appropriate steps not taken
  • Students will be allowed to work in a group setting and learn from others to reinforce teaching

Prerequisites:  none
Time Required: 3 days for guest speakers, field trips and videos; 1 day for poster design; and 1 day for presentations.
Technology Needs/Materials Needed: Internet access to view videos, safety helmet, bicycle/roller skates/skate board, willingness to learn


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