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This Webquest is created for learners to teach and educate them the importance of environmental issue involving the excessive of domestic waste. The topic of Reuse, Reduce and Recycle (3R) is taught to inculcate the awareness of current environment issue and raise awareness about the problems associated with waste disposal. Hence, this Webquest shall help students to discover how to reuse, reduce and recycle instead of throwing items in the trash.

This Webquest lesson will require double period of classroom lesson. This lesson will cover four steps whereby at the end of this topic, the students have to create a scrapbook based on their reading. Learners are required to accomplish this task within ONE month.

Instruction to teachers:
(a) Teacher should be able to assist students in order to find the real information based on the provided links.
(b) Teacher should be able to explain and to give demonstration while using the feature in certain website, i.e: During Step 3, students should save their work in an image file.


This Webquest lesson is created for English subject, Form 2 students with high proficiency level. However, I would prefer to have mixed abilities students in this lesson.

By the end of the lesson, learners should be able to:

(a) Obtain information from various text-types such as articles and reports and present information to others in writing.

Theme: Environment
Topic: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle (3R's)

2.1 Obtain information for different purposes by:
(b) reading materials such as articles in print and in electronic media.

2.2 Process information by:
(a) skimming and scanning for specific information and ideas;
(b) extracting main ideas and supporting details;
(c) following sequence of ideas.


Task 1 > Learners have to be in a group of 3-4. They need to find as much information on the provided links.
Task 1 is required learners to read. Thus, this step is concerning on the three phases which teacher should be look on to.
Pre-reading : Teacher may ask learners randomly about their understanding on 3R's. E.g: What are 3R's stands for?
While reading : Learners may read articles from various website using the links provided.

Task 2 > Learners can work either in group or individual in order to complete the simple quiz, which is also on the provided links.

Task 3 > Learners need to work in the same group as in the first task. They should be able to draw a mind map based on their
reading. Each group also should present their work to the class.
Post reading : Teacher ask learners to draw a mind map according to information attained from the first task.

Task 4 > Learners should accomplish this final task in the same group as in the Task 1 and Task 3. They should be able to create a scrapbook. Their scrapbook must include names, titles, suitable content, pictures, and conclusion. The duration to complete this is task is about one month. Teacher must assist learners on the contents and the sources of pictures taken. Furthermore, teacher should guide learners along the process.


These are the lists of cool and resourceful websites that we have referred to:

Information about 3R's:








Resourceful video:
(a) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWxjFLDoIDA&feature=related
(b) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5EVlEv2Y3A
(c) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oROsbaxWH0M&feature=related

(a) http://2gym-zefyr.att.sch.gr/recycle/recquiz.htm
(b) http://www.reducereuserecycle.co.uk/greengames/how_green_are_you_fun_quiz.php

(a) http://www.kidsbegreen.org/

Mind Map creator:
(a) https://bubbl.us/

Scrapbook rubric:
(a) mrsrossell.wikispaces.com/file/view/Scrapbook+Rubric.doc

Scrapbook image:
(a) http://teacherweb.com/SC/bells/madden/scrapbook1.jpg
(b) http://scrapbookneighborhood.com/img/earthday3.jpg
(c) http://heartcraft.com/site/environment/images/scrapbook.jpg
(d) http://3.bp.blogspot.com

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