Creating Stimulating Preschool Environments

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In the sophomore year my students study the importance of planning a stimulating environment for preschoolers and all that goes into that environment. They create a 3-dimentional indoor and outdoor environment. This web quest is the culminating activity to sell to me "the future parent/client" why I should send my child to their center. This booklet show me that my students understand what learning centers are important and why they are important. Also, they demonstrate an understanding of what materials we need to provide to aid in the development of young children.

This WebQuest meets the following Early Education and Care;  Massachusetts VTE Frameworks:
2.C.01c Create and manage opportunities for active and quiet play.
2.C.06 Design space to provide opportunities for different types of play including solitary, parallel and cooperative play.
2.D.01.c Explain sensory development and list materials and sctivities that promote optimal sensory development.
2.G.02.c escribe activities and materials that encourage children to develop literacy, listening, and comprehension skills.
2.H.03.c List materials needed to support creative exploration of art, music, movement and other areas of creative expression.

Thank you to Eric Groves for introducing me to this site and showing me fun and unique ways to involve my students in the learning process.

Working With Young Children by Judy Herr

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