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This web quest evolved from a class I taught to students with various disabilities. It covered writing, goal setting and transition planning. For the web quest I want it to encompass all ability levels. Ideally, typical students need to come together with students with special needs in an inclusive setting. The journal writing and career exploration could take place over a year or as homework assignments. The main thing is for the students to form a social network while doing career exploration and job search. Students with disabilities have been isolated in their communities and need to be included in youth group opportunities. This happens best when initiated by students. Forced efforts never work. I am hoping to spark typical and special students and other teachers into implementing some or all of the ideas in this quest. I am hoping administrators and parents view this as a vital link to and for the community. The best outcome of my Request would be for students to create their own “club” that would meet both on and off campus much like the art, drama, or chess clubs. Some students don’t know that they have skills. There are not enough social opportunities available for our special needs population. This is only a seed. I hope it finds roots in the hearts and minds of its viewers. A big part of this process is JOURNALING. The movie, “ Freedom Writers” is a very important movie to see about keeping a journal. (Google it if you can‘t borrow or own it.) The movie shows that it is not important to correct punctuation, spelling and grammar. They just need to find a voice and then use it. The world has been brought together through the world wide web. Please help my people find partners ( “peer buddies”). Again, this can’t be forced, but informal gatherings are a good place to make these connections. Request the connections. People with disabilities are usually very isolated. Teacher, you might want to extend this by giving the assignment of coming up with a group logo and business cards. You could even extend it further by writing songs, movie scripts and stories.  Your students may have stories of their own that need to be developed into movies just as in the movie referenced above.


Standards(s) Addressed: Oral and Written Communications, Writing Process and Conventions, Writing Applications, Technology/Research- Utilize search engines, give oral and written presentations, College and Career Readiness, Cross Curricular with Social Studies, Comprehension and Collaboration- “Prepare for and participate in a range of conversations and collaboration with diverse partners…Adapt to a variety of contexts and communicative tasks, demonstrating command of formal English when indicated or appropriate. Reading Process, note taking, reading and listening and writing skills. They practice communication skills while typing into face book and texting. Writing resumes and cover letters use skills. Practicing, and going on interviews, help improve communication skills. Trying to find info about other volunteer opportunities, and career exploration, involve using search engines, and internet skills. Organizational skills come into play when forming clubs, Inference- journaling how others feel, Critical thinking- list skills, Creative production- make their own videos, Design Logos & Business cards and thank you cards.


My thanks goes out to Marian Faris, my Professor at Wright State University, and guide through this endeavor. The class, “Creating WebQuests and Using the Internet to Enhance Instruction” has been the key to my future success. I was totally inept on the computer, now I feel ready to create dozens of sites to teach any and all subjects. You spent a lot of time with me, thank you for your patience. Thanks to you, I am no longer a Dinosaur, you led me out of the Stone Age. Thank You Beverly, and my husband Keith for your computer help. I would like to thank a fellow Quest Creator-Timothy Merril,for listing me on his credits section, your Hangman inspired me. Thanks to the folks at ZUNAL.com, and creators.


This site is the best place to look up standards, it is more accessible than other sites of this type. http://www.greeneesc.org/


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    Description: Stephen Pierce, a motivational speaker, he went from rags to riches by finding a computer in the trash, rebuilt it and used it to become rich.
"The 7 Habits of Highly Efective People," Stephen R. Covey
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