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Volcanoes have been cut or trimmed down from several school and state standards at the high school level.  This activity is a way to teach an entire unit about volcanoes that is entirely student-centered.  This is a difficult task that will require time, hardwork, student and teacher participation, collaboration, access to technology and planning by both the student and the teacher.


  1. Students will understand how, why and where volcanoes form.
  2. Students will understand why volcanic eruption vary.
  3. Students will understand how volcanic eruption can impact the environment.
  4. Students will learn about several different volcanoes from around the world.
  5. Students will use internet resources to gather information.
  6. Students will organize their research into a report and presentation.
  7. Students will collaborate with other students and work successfully in small groups.
  8. Students will present information to the class. 


  • This webquest will vary in length depending on the ability of your students.  Upper level (2-3 class periods) Lower Level (4-5 class periods)
  • Time can be given in an out of class to complete this assignment.
  • Problems may present themselves (ie. student understanding, computer / internet access, systems crashing), a good teacher an always adapt.


  • Students can work independetly as a long term project.
  • The teacher can teach a volcano unit before beginning the webquest.
  • Students can work in groups of 6 and roles can be shared.

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