Skeletal Muscle Contraction-Spinach Connection

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Optional Unit prep:  (Suggested 2 - 3 weeks before doing this webquest to allow time for professionals to get back to you regarding their availability.)

Use community resources and invite medical professionals
that could include any combination of the following:  physical therapist, occupational therapist, medical
assistant, athletic trainer, personal trainer, nurse, etc.  Inform the panel that the focus of this
panel is to answer questions regarding muscle contraction, muscle disease,
muscle structure, and muscle health and on establishing healthy habits for good
muscle development and muscle tone in teenagers.  Remember to start with the background information on each
panel member's journey to reaching this profession.   

This webquest should be used as a review after completing a unit on muscles.  Students should have prior knowledge of the following:

  • Three muscle types with emphasis on skeletal muscles
  • Basic muscle structure
  • Action Potential
  • Neuromuscular junctions
  • Sliding Filament Theory
Task 1:  (1 day/homework assignment) Introduce the webquest to students and familiarize them with navigating through the tabs on the left. The animations are given for an individual student review of important concepts relating to muscle contractions.  Students need to complete the worksheet provided at the bottom of the process page under "Resources".  It is your choice as to whether you prefer to print out hard copies of the worksheet or have them save the document on their laptops.  Begin this review in class and have students complete for homework. 

Task 2:  (1 day)  Begin class with a review of yesterday's worksheet. You can use a variety of techniques for this review. The next animation includes self-quizzes for the student to test their knowledge.  Quizzes one and two will provide answers for students and correct their mistakes.  The third and last quiz will allow them to do the quiz several times but will not correct them if they are wrong.  We suggest the teacher decides whether to work the animation as a class or view each student's progress. 

Task 3: 
( 3 days for project completion and 1 day for presentations) The final evaluation for this webquest is a choice of projects.  The rubric is available under the "Table/Rubric" tab or if you would like to print a copy, open the attachment below under "Resources".

Task 4:  ( 2+ days outside of classroom)  These extensions are meant to help the student apply their knowledge to other situations that allied health professionals may encounter.  These can be used as term projects, extra credit projects, or make-up work for your classroom.  Feel free to use them as you wish. 

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