Marketing Planning and the 4 P's



Each partner will be involved in answering questions and researching information to formulate the marketing mix (see vocabulary sheet). 

Step 1:  Each group member must read through the websites on the Marketing Mix page so you have a clear understanding of what it is.  

Step 2: As a group decide who is responsible for each section of your marketing Plan and submit your workplan to the teacher.

A-Product Development
B- Cost
C- Promotion
D- Advertisement- 30 second Commerical (.wmv) or Podcast (.mp3) advertising your product/service


1) Your marketing plan will be on a  typed word document (maintain formatting from your Business Plan Part I) and included in your venture plan binder. You must clarify your product, price, promotion and place.

2) A powerpoint that brings your marketing plan to life.
It must include:
-A minimum of 6 slides including the title slide
-It must thoroughly explain your business and your marketing mix
-Include a graphic depicting your decisions on every slide (you can create your own using photoshop) 
-Your commerical or podcast

3) PowerPoint presentation- You are to demonsrate an understanding of the product and its targeted market. 

Presentation Length: 2-3 Minutes

This is a warm up so you can get used to speaking about your venture to others and answering questions. You will present your full business and marketing plan at the Business Plan Bootcamp. 


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