Endangered Animals: What can we do?



In groups or teams of 4, (you can pick your groups, this time), I challenge you to choose and then research an animal on the Endangered Species  of the United States list.

You, as a team will research this animal by using both online and print sources. Deciding on which animal will need to be a group decision. No more than two groups can choose the same animal.

You will need to collaborate or work together by using your individual skills or abilities, to show not only what you learned about your animal but also what people can do to protect them.  Your team will then make a presentation on what you learned, persuade the rest of the class why they should protect  your animal that you chose to research, and how we can protect that animal. 

I expect equal participation of your group members in the entire challenge. From choosing the animal, to researching, to how you will you present your information, to then presenting your collaborative project.

What you need to include and where to find your information will be provided in the Process page of this webquest.  How you present your information is up to your group.

You can choose to present using power point with slides, iMovie, Animoto, infographic, make a movie and record it,  a way I have not suggested,  or a poster. At the end of all of the presentations, the class will vote as to which group persuaded the class the most.

That group that persuaded the class the most  will receive a secret reward and as a class we will try to adopt a particular animal that needs medical help. 

Are you up to the challenge?

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