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The General Characteristics of a Report Text
The characteristics of a report text can be seen from its generic structures and linguistic features. Those characteristics will be explained below.

A. Generic structures
A title of a report text indicates the topic of the text and it is a very general thing.

General Classification
A general classification is a part that state classification of general aspect of things, such as: animals, public places, plants, etc. It will be discussed in general.

This part gives describing of the things which will be discussed in detail, in terms of: parts (and their function), qualities, habits and behavior.

B. Linguistic features

Focus on generic participant.
A report text always introduces group or general aspect and focus on general nouns, such as: ‘Platypus’, ‘Bees’, etc.
A report text uses relating verb and action verb, for example:
Relating verb : Reptiles are scalyanimal,etc.
Action verb : Birds fly in the sky, etc.
A report text uses of simple present tense, for example: Platypus lives in streams, male platypus does not need any burrow, etc
The language used in a report text is a scientific language, for example: water contains oxygen and hydrogen, etc.
A report text uses Conditionals and logical connectives, such as: but, in other hand, etc.

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