Computers: A Journey from Past to Future



Throughout this assignment you should keep the following questions in mind: How did computer devices change over time? What were some of the most significant computer inventions and why? How will we use computers in the future? What might the computers or devices of the future be able to do? 

As a team, your tasks will include:
1. Researching the history of computers using the internet and other resources.
2. Creating a timeline illustrating how some discoveries and innovations lead to others. 
3. Thinking about and discussing the most important developments-- those with the greatest impact on how we live today. 
5. Presenting your discoveries and thoughts to a group of your peers. This will include your ideas about the future of computers. Others who work at GenComp may be able to use these ideas to create new computers and gadgets.
Note that if you scroll further down, you will see a resource page. For your convenience, all the resources you need will be found at the bottom of the next page (click on "Process" on the upper left menu of this page to continue.)

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