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        As nutritionists, you will work in groups of 2 or 3. Your job will be to research the Food Guide Pyramid to know what kinds of food and how much of each food you should bring with you on the trip. Make sure to make a grocery list of all the foods you want to look for once you are in the store so you don't forget! You should also write a food journal about how eating enough of the right foods will help you be stronger and faster! You will need to state at least three good facts in your journals.  These facts should tell something you learned while exploring through the different sites, video, and food pyramid. You may click on the " right foods" link above to get started.  The link allows you to learn about healthy eating habits, explore the food pyramid, and how to stay healthy.  There is a quiz at the end that will test your knowledge, so make sure to work extra hard!  Remember, some of the students will only want cookies and candy so you should prepare a Food Guide Pyramid of your own to help them understand why eating the right foods is important!

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