The History of Spindletop and Its Impact on Southeast Texas



You will analyze both primary source documents and secondary source documents to identify and understand the history of Spindletop and the Lucas Gusher and its impact on Southeast Texas. You are responsible for analyzing the documents and creating a digital presentation of your findings.

Research Checklist:

  • Identify who was involved in the discovery of the Lucas Gusher
  • Identify what happened to Southeast Texas shortly after the discovery of oil
  • Identify important locations regarding the discovery of oil in Beaumont and the subsequent arrival of people to the area
  • Identify important dates regarding the discovery of oil in Beaumont and its impact on the region
  • Identify why people began to explore Southeast Texas for oil and why people stayed after the oil boom
  • Identify the methods used to discover the oil
  • Identify the impact of the founding of Spindletop and the Lucas Gusher in the region today

After researching, you will create digital presentation of your findings. This can be done in any format you choose. Some formats include a Prezi, a PowerPoint, an infographic, etc. Your presentation will need to include the following:

Presentation Checklist:

  • Include the history of Spindletop from its discovery to the end of the oil boom
  • Include the impact of the discovery (How has it affected the region today?)
  • Include at least two primary source pictures with captions

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