¡Celebramos la navidad en Mexico! (Let’s Celebrate Christmas in Mexico!)



While exploring and comparing Hispanic traditions with your own traditions, your team will find answers to the following questions and produce a product of your choice using the rubrics below as your guide:



Why do people of Hispanic cultures celebrate Christmas?
How did the Catholic Church’s influence expand to Mexico, Central, and South America?
How did the indigenous people of Mexico, Central, and South America influence religion and the celebrations in present-day Hispanic culture?
When is the Christmas season (start/end dates) in Mexico?
What are the celebrations within this season, and when do they occur?
What types of celebrations are there?  (i.e., church services, carnivals, parades, food, decorations, dance, music, etc.)
Do you and your family celebrate any event or dates during this same time period?
How are your celebrations different?
How are your celebrations the same?
What celebrations other than Christmas take place in Tulsa during this time of year?

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