The Four R's of the Abolition Movement: Rationale, Risks, Rewards... and Revolution

Tasks - The Four R's


    Your job is to research the Abolition Movement in the United States through the links found on the Process page.  You will need to take notes based on each of the links on the three-column graphic organizer (given out in class, and also available as a .PDF below).  The three sections of your graphic organizer are Rationale (reasons why), Risks (the dangers of violence and other challenges Abolitionists faced), and Rewards (the positive consequences of the work of Abolitionists). 

     Then, using the information you have gathered, you will take on the role of a dedicated Abolitionist in the mid-1800s.  In this role, you will write a letter to a friend of yours who is undecided as to whether getting involved with the Abolitionist movement is a good idea or not, persuading them to join you.  In your letter, you must address your Rationale for being an Abolitionist, explain to them using examples you have learned about of some of the Risks you and your friend may face, and assure them that the Rewards for choosing this sometimes unpopular view will be worth it in the end.  If you are convincing enough, perhaps you will spark a Revolution in your friend's mind, bringing them around to your way of thinking.     

     At the conclusion of the WebQuest, you will hand in both your graphic organizer and your letter.  Extra credit will be given for going the extra mile in making your letter look like it's from the 1800's.



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