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This activity consists in creating a city model based on a specific city. This activity will be developed in groups of three students in order to cover the costs about it among all members of the group. The teacher will provide a specific date for the activity presentation in the classroom. Due to, students will have 15 days to decide how to make the city model with all the places to be included in it since the scheduled date by the teacher. In that way each team designs their city model and make the purchases of the materials to be used in the activity. Each group will have 10 minutes to explain the content of their city model, the used materials, etc. Also, it is suggested that each member of the group write his/her own defense on the part assigned in the work, so that at the moment to present their work to the teacher and other students, you will have a clear idea and coherence about what is being expressed. No reading what was written previously, you must do it with fluency and trustness. In addition, the teacher will ask a set of questions to each member of the group, about specific places in the city model, so you have to make correct use of the prepositions of place regarding to the place asked by the teacher. Similarly, the teacher will choose three students from the public; so that each one will ask a question to the presenters of the activity. At the end of the presentation, the teacher will assign an individual grade to the members of the group, according to the performance shown in the activity.


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    Description: This video provides you a serie of steps to create the city model. You can get some ideas or some characteristics to be included in your city model.

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