How are the landscapes and ecosystems in Colombia?



The task for your team is to explore the assigned Colombian landscape or ecosystem by clicking on the links and playing the videos at the end of this page. Then, your team has to  write a descriptive paragraph about the landscape, the text must include most of its characteristics like the weather, its  components like living and non-living beings  and features like land-forms and  bodies of water.

Here is the list of the team members and the assigned landscape or ecosystem:

Team 1

(CamilaLoaiza Cardona,  Sara Andrea Bustamante, Camilo Andrés Bedoya)

Rain Forest Ecosystem  (Amazonas)


Team 2

(Michael Amarilles Gonzalez , Santiago AtehortuaMesa , Cristina Guerra Montoya)

Fresh Water Ecosystem (The Orinoco River) 

Team 3

(Jose Daniel Betancourt, Mariana Ortiz Vanegas, Yuly Garcia Morales)

Grassland Ecosystem ( LLanos Orientales)

Team 4

(Juan Pablo Llano, Stiven Martinez Sossa, María AngélicaMazo)

Desert Ecosystem ( Peninsula De La Guajira) 

Team 5

(Ana María Escobar,  Julian Martinez Gavilan, Luna Rojas Piedrahita)

Salt Water Ecosystem  (San Andrés y Providencia) 

Team 6

( Fabian Arley Guzman - Dahiana Andrea Pulgarin,  Stefany Morales Gaviria)

Tundra Ecosystem (Nevado del Ruiz) 

Team 7

(Stefania Londoño Ocampo,  Dario Marin Sánchez, Sandra Hurtado Macías)

(Fresh water  Ecosystem ( Norte de Santander )


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  • Ecosystems' components.
    Description: Here you are going to find some useful information and vocabulary about ecosystems components.

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