Music in The Wonderful World of Disney



Once an individual has determined the story he/she wants to tell and has chosen a cast that will best suit the story being told, they must conglomerate all of the existing and/or pending expenses, film the movie, and edit the finished product. Editing is the final process before the completion of a film, and few people know that music is one of the last additions made to a movie. It is actually incorporated in the final stages of production. This is so that the music will be synchronized with the chain of events that are taking place in the movie’s plot. Furthermore, each time a film scorer begins to score an accompaniment for a new film he/she is required to make distinctions of how to affect a viewer, yet again, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually.

By complete this WebQuest you will be able to explain if and how music is vital to cinema using the success found in the Wonderful World of Disney to express the effect(s) that music can/cannot have on audiences. You will also gain the knowledge and experience in what it takes to be a film scorer by composing your own music and applying it to film.

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