Much has been said of the Taínos lately, but itwasn't until the early 1900's that the study of the Taínos took off. The originof the Taínos was not proven until 1950 when scientists were able to trace themthrough their unique white-on-red pottery. Their origins are in the Orinoco andAmazon River basins - what is now Venezuela and Guianas. The Taínos began theirmigration, in waves, through the Caribbean Islands in approximately 900 BC.Their origins have been traced to the Village of Saladero in Venezuela.

As the years passed, the Arawakans, who landedin the Greater Antilles developed a distinct culture that we now call Taíno.This distinct culture was somewhat different from the original Arawak cultureand different from that of their brothers, the fierce Caribs of the LesserAntilles.

The Taíno written language was in the form ofpetroglyphs, or symbols that were carved in stone. They spoke Arawakan. Theirsociety was communal. Polygamy was common. The Taínos were farmers andfishermen.

Cristóforo Colombo wrote in his journal thatTaínos had beautiful, tall, slender bodies. Their color was dark or olive, andthey wore short haircuts with a long hank at the back of the head. They wereclean-shaven and hairless. The islands were densely populated. According toCristóbal Colón, the Taíno tongue was "gentle, the sweetest in the world,always with a laugh."

Borikén's head cacique at the time of thearrival of Colón was Agüeybaná. The island was divided into cacicazgos. PuertoRico had approximately 20 caciques at the time of Columbus. The Island wasdivided into provinces, districts, and villages, each with a cacique.

*The Taino vocabulary is located in the link below.

**In the bottom attachment there is an example of how to uses the different Taino vocabulary to create a short dialog. Use this as an example to make your own story but don’t us the same story. Remember to bring your story to next class. Have fun: D



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