Basic Sewing Techniques



For this assignment students are required to work individually.  Use the following link below entitled basic Hand Stitches to research and compile this piece of work.

The main focus for all of you will be to define basic hand stitches and categorize basic hand stitches into two main groups.  .   You will be working individually  to research on basic hand stitches that are used when constructing a garment.  You are expected to do research on basic hand stitches  and learn how these are used in the construction of a garment.  

Each individual is expected to do the following.

1.  Define the term basic hand stitches.
2. Identify the two categories of basic hand stitches and give at least two example of each.  
3.  Each student will collect and mount pictures of the types of basic hand stitches in  a scrapbook.

By the end of the tasks you will understand what are basic hand stitches and the categories and types of basic hand stitches.

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