1. The TASKS

As part of the assessment for Teamwork course, you have to work in a team and:

  • Build the prototype of any machine of interest and record that process;
  • Deliver a PowerPoint presentation about the type of machine you have made;
  • Bring your product to the fair 


You will have 3 weeks for preparation (beginning from 24 November 2013 - 13 December 2013)


3.1. The machine

  •  The machine can be made of any types of materials (plastic, cardboard, straw, fabric, etc).  
  •  There is no restriction in terms of size, weight, color, as long as it works, and you feel fun doing it.

3.2. The video

  • Record the process of building the machine, highlighting main steps
  • The video should be around 5 minutes long

3.3. The presentation

  • you should deliver a presentation on the structure, working principle of the type of machine you have made
  • The presentation should be in PPT format and take no more than 30 minutes

In order to ensure that your project are within schedule, you areexpected to submit a report to your lecturer's email address: thaihoabk@gmail.com on whatyou have done at the end of each week. 

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