Corporate Social Responsibility - It's a win-win, right?



Building on what you will learn about corporate social responsibility (CSR), your group will create a proposal for a local business outlining how they can become socially responsible. Students would have to think like a business owner as well as a socially responsible citizen. This proposal will be in the form of a 10 minute group in-class presentation.

For this task, each team (of 3 students) will complete the following tasks:

1. Decide on a local business and develop a mission statement, one that highlights the company's stance on CSR.

2. Identify which initiative or CSR venture to undertake. To identify potential ventures, students should explore and answer the following questions:
            a. What are the benefits?
             b. What are the costs?
             c. Who will benefit? (Customers, employees, employers, everyone?)
             d. How does it fit into the business model?
             e. What are the connections to the business?
             f. Will it be a continuous effort or short-term?
             g. How can people get involved?

3. Analyze the potential CSR initiative routes, for example philanthropy, charitable causes or community service.

4. Develop a persuasive presentation to the management of the business that summarizes the team's CSR initiatives. 

For the presentation:
Each team member will also argue about the benefits of CSR on behalf of the entities listed below:

The company
Direct Consumers in the community

Syllabus outcomes addressed
Students will be assessed on the following outcomes:

H1 critically analyses the role of business in Australia and globally 
H3 discusses the social and ethical responsibilities of management 
H7 plans and conducts investigations into contemporary business issues 
H8 organises and evaluates information for actual and hypothetical business situations 

Each team's CSR initiative and teamwork will be evaluated according to a rubric that can be found in the "Evaluation" section.

DUE DATE: Period 4, November 30th 2013

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