Cubism Modern Art Movement



“Knowing about Cubism is simply part of visual literacy” says Karen Wilkin 1989: O Pioneers! Picasso and Braque 1907-1914. The New Criterion, Vol 8, .

This webquest will consist of two major by Coupon Companion">parts.

1. In the first part of the webquest you will research Cubism using the links on this page to by Coupon Companion">answer the designated questions. Search for more websites with by Coupon Companion">information that will help you by Coupon Companion">answer questions on the quiz page. The by Coupon Companion">answers to the questions should be written on a separate sheet of paper, and should be two to three sentences long unless otherwise directed.



2.The second part of this webquest you will by Coupon Companion">begin to sketch an idea or plan for your own portrait, landscape or still life influenced by the cubist movement.  I have a simple way to do this but you are always encouraged to try other solutions. At the end of this by Coupon Companion">class period you should be familiar with this style of art and  have sketched out 3 thumbnail layouts and be ready with ideas to create a full-color cubist composition.

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