Pathogen WANTED Poster



Fight back against these evil doers!  Research to learn more about a pathogen.  

Create an old-Western style WANTED poster about the things you've learned.  

In your notebook or on your computer, create a table to organize your notes.  In your notes and on your poster, create a section for each of the following pieces of information:

1.    Title

·     Ex- Wanted: “Listeria”

·     Scientific Name (Ex.: listeria monocytogenes) 

2.    Mug shot

·     Draw or insert a microscopic picture of the pathogen

o  Add a picture of the pathogen in action (victim under attack) if possible

3.    Victims

·     Who is most at risk (Ex: certain age groups or specific geographic areas)

4.    Crime

·     Body systems it attacks (Ex: nervous, muscle, respiratory, circulatory. etc.)

·     Injury to victim a.k.a. symptoms/damage (Ex: fever, swelling, pain, tissue damage, etc. )

5.    Hideout

·     Where it can be found–where would a person come in contact with the pathogen  (Ex: food, airborne, contaminated water, etc.)

6.    Defense

·     Prevention (Ex: immunization,hand washing, etc.)

7.    Weapons

·     Treatments (Ex.: antibiotics, surgery, etc.) 

8.    Other details

·     Make sure your poster is logically organized and sections are titled

·     One additional interesting fact related to the pathogen

9. Bibliography

·     Create a list of the resources you used.  This may be a list of the specific websites you used.  You may want to cut and paste the URLs of the websites into a document as you use them so you can keep track of the resources you used.

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