5 Components of Fitness and the Fitt Principle



All of the information and assignments that you research, document, and complete should be recorded in your physical education folder. Once all work is completed, turn all assignments in. Work at your own pace; but remember,  all work must be handed in by the deadline date written on the board.

In this quest you will research health and skill related physical fitness components. You will discover many different activities that will enable you to develop your own fitness plan. Most of this quest will take place in the classroom where all of your research and discovery will be conducted, and the rest of the time will be spent in the gym putting your new found information to the test. There you, along with a partner, will develop your own fitness tests to demonstrate all the health and skill related components. You can assess each others fitness levels or conduct your own fitness test and show the results in your physical education folder. HAVE FUN!

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