Aquatic Ecosystems (aka Aquatic Biomes)



You are an employee at the Archaea Traveling Agency which specializes in planning ecotours of all the major terrestrial biomes known to science.  With the general public becoming more aware of how valuable and threatened aquatic ecosystems are, your boss sees an opportunity to provide tours of these diverse ecosystems in order to boost profits and raise overall awareness of environmental issues that threaten many of these fragile ecosystems.  

To promote this new line of ecotourism, your boss has assigned you with the task of designing an informational-traveling brochure that will both educate and captivate potential clients about a specific aquatic ecosystem.  Your brochure should include information from all of the resources in this webquest.  Information should include geographic location, climate, flora, fauna, and unique characteristics specific to your aquatic ecosystem.  Entice potential clients to visit this aquatic ecosystem in a creative-professional manner!

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