Social Context of A Doll's House



This activity begins with you choosing one of the following generic Victorian era characters.

     - An upper-middle class man

     - An upper-middle class woman

     - A working class woman

     - A working class man

     - A suffragette

After choosing a character, your job will be to develop a profile of that person’s life using the character profile organizer provided. In doing so, you will learn about Victorian society and culture. Once your profile is complete you will be ready to adopt your new persona.


Your task is to adopt your character’s perspective, and pretend you have recently seen the play A Doll’s House. Seeing the play has sparked your social awareness, and you decide to write a letter to the editor of London Times. In this letter you may condemn or praise the play, but in either case you will demonstrate your understanding of the play and its social context by making specific references to Victorian society norms and events in the play.


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