Visiting Melbourne's Immigration Museum



Statements    True or False

1. The four largest immigrant groups in Victoria are from Great Britain, Italy, Greece andVietnam

 2. About 25% of Australiaís population is overseas born

 3. The largest wave of immigrants to Australia occurred in the two decades after World War 2

 4. Asylum seekers, refugees anddisplaced persons have only started coming to Australia since the war on terror started in 2001

 5. The immigration story is one that is common to all non-Indigenous Australians

 6. The biggest problem facing immigrants is boredom and having little to do

7. Governments for 150 years have actively encouraged and supported people to immigrate to Australia

 8. Up until the 1960s government legislation was used to restrict or exclude the arrival of certainpeople on the basis of colour, ethnicity, religion or political beliefs.

 9. There is a strong link betweeneconomic conditions in Australia and immigration numbers

 10. Immigration to Australia,from early settlement to present day,has not had a major impact on theAboriginal population.

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