Why ....oh...why are my cookies so dense?



  1.  Students will complete a web quest that will help them understand  changes in  matter  that are chemical and physical. 
  2.  Students will describe the changes that occur when cookies bake and relate these  to a phase change diagram.
  3.  Students will determine when a change is physical or chemical during the cookie construction and, finally, baking.
  4. Students will select a recipe from a pre-selected web-site. 
  5. Students will be able to determine the variables that are present in the recipe that can cause the cookie to be, well--yucky.
  6. Students will determine the variables associated with the baking of the cookie that may cause to be,well-- not only yucky but down right YUCKY!
  7. Students will prepare cookie dough, bake cookies, eat and evaluate each other's cookies using the word document that they must print from the evaluation page.
  8. Students will also create a time line of the history of the cookie! Students will design the time line using word or microsoft publisher.  The students will then submit a hard copy to the instructor and e-mail a copy.
  9.  Students will also be given the opportunity to get physically active and play "Cookie Monster Tag."

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