YOUR TASK: Your team must prepare for an expedition.  You have been hired as the Geologist, Ecologist and Tour Guide for a 9th grade field trip.  Before you can embark on your trip you must first RESEARCH information about your volcano, organize it into a REPORT and PRESENT this information to your class.  Please follow the guidelines listed below:



Use the websites provide on the Process page to research the information outlined below:


  • Reserach 3 different ways volcanoes form.
  • Explain each way volcanoes form, include how your volcano formed.
  • Research at least 3 different types of volcanoes.
  • Explain each type, include what type of volcano yours is and why.
  • Research at least 2 different types of volcanic eruptions and different types of lava.
  • Explain each type of eruption and type of lava, include what type of eruption your volcano has.



  • Research the consistancy of the Earth's present day atmosphere.
  • Explain the major gases that make up our amosphere today.
  • Research how volcanic activity can impact the atmosphere.
  • Explain how volcanic eruptions impact the atmosphere, include how your volcano's impact.
  • Research how volcanic eruptions can impact the surrounding wildlife, human activity and soil.
  • Explain how volcanic eruptions impact the surrounding environment, include how your volcano's impact.


Tour Guide

  • Research areas of the world that are volcanically active and why.
  • Explain what makes these areas so active and how your volcano is related to these areas
  • Research the location, size and volcanic history of your volcano.
  • Explain where your volcano is, how big it is in comparison to other volcanoes and a descriptive history of its past eruption(s).
  • Research safety precautions that should be taken when visiting or living near a volcano.
  • Explain how you would keep a people safe who were on tour of your volcano with you, include how people who live near a volcano stay safe.



Organize all of your research into a 2-4 page report following the requirments listed below:

  1. The paper must be 2-4 pages typed, double spaced, 12 pt. font.
  2. The paper must include an introduction, body and conclusion.
  3. The paper must include atleast 2 pictures, maps or charts.
  4. The paper must explain all of the criteria outline in the research section.
  5. The paper should include a title page and bibliography.



Plan a 2-3 minute presentation that you will give to the class following the requirments listed below:

  1. The presentation must be  2 to 3 minutes long.
  2. Each team member must contribute to the presentation.
  3. Each team member must speak about as if they were their role.
  4. The presentation must include at least 1 visual aid.
  5. The presentation should be based on the information found during your research and organized in your report.

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