Traveling Through the USA



This task will take over two days to complete and one day to share with the class. On the first day, please use the time to research your state and how you will travel. On day 2, please create your brochure and make it as creative as you want!

The class will be divided into four groups of three. Each student will have a job in their group. The three jobs include: travel agent, food fanatic and housing hunter. Each job and description is listed below. Choose wisely and work together. Each person will be responsible for finding out the “cheapest” way to enjoy their vacation. Remember, the less money you spend, the more money you will have to spend on sovenirs.

Jobs titles and descriptions:


           Travel Agent- In charge of researching destination to find out which 

            traveling method is the cheapest. (Driving or flying)



          Food Fanatic- In charge of finding places to eat and proposing a food

          menu for the group to abide by during the vacation.

   Housing Hunter- In charge of finding out prices of hotels/motels and making reservations.

After you complete your “trip” you must analyze your choices and find out if your group made the best choices when traveling. Upon analysis and group conversation, you will create a brochure convincing others to follow in your footsteps and travel the way you traveled.



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