Microsoft Office Excel 2010 Shopping Spree



You are in charge of spending $2,000.00! You will be going on a solo imaginary shopping spree to find items of your interest to buy.  You have three different store options to choose from.

Your task will be to create a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to keep your $2,000.00 budget on track.  The spreadsheet will consist of items you are purchasing, the cost of each item, and the quantity (how many you want to buy).  On the bottom of the spreadsheet, there will be a subtotal, tax, grand total, and money left over section.

Your job is to come as close to spending $2,000.00 without going over budget. If you spend exactly $2,000.00, you will receive an extra bonus/award.  Can you come as close to $2,000.00 without going over? Will you be able to spend wisely?

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