Introduction to Argumentative Writing - Playing Video Games: Good or Bad?



Imagine, you are a researcher in a group of three and your task is to investigate, gather and develop ideas or information on either one of these below:

  1. the structure of an argumentative essay
  2. the steps in writing a good argumentative essay and
  3. the techniques or approaches in writing a good argumentative essay

Present your group report in 10-15 minutes!

Your next journey is to do research on the issue of playing video games! Develop and write at least 3 argumentative points and 3 counter-points on this issue ! Remember, you have to take a firm stance on this issue. Be daring to tell or relate to others how things should be! Provide reasons to support all your claims and refute the opposing side of each argument points. Don't forget to cite experts who agree with you!


1. Steps in Writing Argumentative Essay

2. ArgumentativeWriting Format

3. The Power of Argumentative Writing

4. Developing an Argument

5. Video 1

6. Video 2

7. Video 3


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