Noviembre - Turismo



You will make a colorful travel brochure and a colorful postcard from your country.  The travel brochure will be written in English.
Your postcard will be reflective of a visit to your country.  The message side will be written in English, but will be addressed in Spanish.
Your travel brochure will be a double-sided/tri-fold brochure.  Your postcard will simply be designed as though it was simply a sheet of typing paper - folded in half.

 Do Not just slap pictures of tacos, basic bullfighters, a Mexican sombrero, etc. onto your brochure and/or postcard and think you've done a good job!

Locations such as museums, sports arenas, parks, historical locations, and natural attractions such as volcanoes, rain forests, waterfalls, zoos, beaches, etc. all make for great entries in a travel brochure.

On the Process Page (at the bottom of that page) each of your countries has been assigned one website with which to begin your research.
Do Not limit your research to only one website.  The one that I have provided is simply a starting point.  Remember however, any Wiki site usage will result in a ZERO!  Do Not use Wiki!

BOTH items will be submitted on your Google Classroom Spanish page.

DUE DATE: 22 noviembre 2019

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