Photo Composition Techniques


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In groups, students will define the following ten photographic composition techniques:
1) Rule of Thirds
2) Lines
3) Angle/Viewpoint/Vantage Point
4) Framing
5) Texture
6) Balance/Symmetry
7) Patterns
8) Depth of Field
9) Fill the Frame
10) Shapes
The composition technique and definition will be included on a webpage at Weebly.com.

Website resources for investigating about composition definitions:
Rules of Photography Composition

• Digital Photography Composition
• Top 10 Photo Composition Rules
• 5 Elements of Composition in Photography

Your websites will be created at www.weebly.com  Create an account using your school email.  Write down your password!

STEP #2 

Using the resources listed below, each group will find one excellent example of each technique on the Internet and describe why each photo demonstrates that approach, adding both the images and the description to the webpage started in step #1.   

Make sure you include a works cited section to your website, listing the websites that you used to find your images.

Websites Resources
• Flickr - Its the Composition

• Flickr - Composition First

• http://photocompwebquest.wikispaces.com/


Using what you have learned about photo composition techniques, each student will take one photographs demonstrating each technique (10 photographs total) and post those images to an individual (student) wiki page, creating a Photography Composition Online Journal.  Provide one photograph that demonstrate each technique along with a sentence or two explaining how the technique is represented in the image.  You may organize your webpage in any manner you like, but make sure it look neat and is easy to tell which photograph is connected to which technique.


As a class we will critique each other’s photographs.  The best work will be displayed on the high school website’s Online Photography Exhibit.

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