The Art of Protest

Step 2: Building Background



Watch the Civil Rights era video clips listed in the RESOURCES section below and respond to the content (song lyrics, speeches, and images) in a well-organized paragraph for each video. (Total of 5 videos)

As you prepare to write...

1)  Pay special attention to the social issues that are subjects of each video. Which images surprise, dismay, or shock you? Which narratives cause you to question or rethink what you knew about this time period? Explain.

2)  Consider how the message of each video was communicated? What cinematic techniques were used? How are the productions similar? How do they differ? Which video(s) do you think is most persuasive?

3)  In the three "music videos", explain the how the music affects your reactions to the images.

Journal Responses = 100 points  (minimum 3-5 paragraphs)

4) Read the overview of "The Murder of Emmett Till" (1955) and view the video in class, and then write your response to the video.

Response should be written as well-constructed paragraphs and focus on answering the following questions:
a. What was your reaction to the video?
b. How far do you think we have come in terms of race relations?
c. In your opinion, what progress has been made?
d. What issues still exist?
e. How do we, both individually and as a nation, move forward?

Journal Responses = 20 points


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