Les fromages français et leurs régions / French cheeses and their regions



In order to create your slideshow presentation, you will:

  1. Watch the sites related to presentation advice and  techniques.

  2. Use the grammar and conjugation links: la conjugaison.fr and wordreference.fr ( They will help you to avoid making mistakes when writing your final draft.)

  3. Create your PowerPoint slideshow

  4. Make sure that all points below are part of your oral presentation
  • Name French cheese and region.
  • Describe its texture and aroma.
  • Describe any information you observed or heard about the region and the "terroir".
  • Give brief history of cheese.
  • Explain why it is your group's favorite.
  • Make personal comments about something interesting or funny you saw in the videos or read in the text links.
  • Comment on how this WebQuest project has helped you to better understand France's culture and it's regions.
      5.  Present in French your favorite cheese.

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