Going around Germany!



Step 1:

Students you have to decide what you are going to do for this project!

Step 2:

Students will have to go over the information they need. (check the Web Site)

Step 3:

Students will have to write an essay about the information they are going to present. If you choose history then you will have to write 4 pages front and back, government 2 pages front and back, culture and life style two pages front and back and geography 1 page front and back. The student doing geography needs to help the student doing history you will take over after WWII. Very important your essay have to be in your own words, if you are going to place a quote in your essay do not forget the quotation marks. AVOID PLAGIARISM.........That is against the LAW.

Step 4:

Students need to give their individual essay to the secretary of your group and the secretary will report to me, then I will give all individual essay to the editor of each group. At this point the editor needs to start editing. Each group essay needs to have an Introduction, 4-5 body paragraphs and a conclusion.

Step 5:

Students will need to start working in the structure + Power Point + Poster Board they want to build to present.

Step 6:

Students need to be ready to present and to have a class discussion about their findings. Do not forget to have 10 - 15 questions ready for your audience.

Step 7:

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