Traveling Through Ancient American Civilizations

Traveling through Time


Welcome to 100BCE! We are visiting the ancient Maya civilization. Click on the first link to learn about the daily life of the Mayas and take the quiz!

Next stop, Inuit civilization in 1200CE. Bundle up, it's going to get a little chilly! Click on the second link and find out about the Inuit tribe!

Last stop! The Aztec civilization in 1450CE. Click on the third link to watch the Brain Pop video to learn about the Aztecs!


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  • Daily Life of the Mayas
    Description: Follow the different types Mayan people throughout their day and life. Once you are finished reading, take the quiz in the Activities section.

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  • Learn about the Inuit Tribe
    Description: On this page, learn about the Inuit tribe by reading the paragraph and clicking on each individual dot on the interactive picture.

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