Multicultural Considerations in Technology Model Lesson



Day 1:

Day 2:

  • Explore and learn more about culture. Complete at least 2 of the following:

            - Read Defining Characteristics of a Culture

            - Read Social Currency

            - Culture Facts on Kiddle

            - Culture Nearpod

            - Kids Share Their Culture Traditions Video

Day 3:

  • Read 2 Books from the Epic Books Collection Games. Complete the Culture Consideration Form by clicking on the link, make a copy, and share the completed Consideration Form with your classroom teacher.

Day 4:

  • Explore example arcade games on this link.
  • Make 3 choices based on interest as an entrepreneur and cultural interest of your consumer. You will create a dot plot of your three choices by clicking the link, and make a copy. There is an example on the second slide. Print out the completed dot plot and conduct the survey with consumers. Turn in completed survey to your classroom teacher.

Day 5:

  • Complete your field research on NewsEla by choosing 1 game article and 1 economy article.

                Game: Playtime: "Fortnite''..., Game inspired by sister with autism, Netflix and Fortnite, Video Game Scholarships,    

                Economy: Opportunity Costs, French fry shortage from Japan to Kenya

Day 6:

  • Create a Blueprint of the model by clicking on the link, make a copy, and share the completed blueprint with your classroom teacher to get approval. You may also draw it out, take a picture, and share with your classroom teacher. Blueprint must include the following: title of game and ALL components labeled.
  • Create a Budget for your business by clicking on the link, make a copy, and share the completed document with your classroom teacher.
  • Write directions and objectives for your game by clicking on the link, make a copy, and share the completed form with your classroom teacher.

Day 7:

  • Apply for your business license by clicking on the link, make a copy, and share the completed business license with your classroom teacher.

Day 8:

  • Create your advertisement. Remember what you choose on your budget form. If you choose to broadcast it, please create a Google Slide and share the completed slide with your classroom teacher. If you choose to do a poster, make sure to have it completed before “opening day.”
  • Make sure to complete the Conclusion section of this Quest.

Day 9-11:

  • Please check the Evaluation Section of this Quest to ensure you have completed all necessary steps.
  • Once you have gained approval that you completed all the online elements of your Web Quest, you will have three days to build, test, and improve your game creation in the classroom.

Collaboration Board

  • I encourage you to engage cooperatively with others on this Quest. Please use our collaboration board if you have any questions or simply wish to share your ideas. You can upload the following types of content: movies, images, GIFs, and voice recordings. Please follow our Netiquette guidelines when posting.

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