Intrapersonal communication activities occur within your mind. Although we consume a significant amount of time talking with other people, intrapersonal communication dominates most of our communication. It has the most considerable impact upon our attitudes, successes, or failure. 

Activity one
Stay seated for two minutes and close your eyes.
Please share what you were thinking with the class and how hard it was to focus on your internal communication. 

Group one- Activity Two

Observe your partner and write your observations down or record them with a voice or video recorder. 

Pay attention to details, think back on the things others wouldn't notice that your doing because it's somewhat hidden. By the end of this activity, you should know at least two body language your partner gives and what it means.
Watch this video on reading someone to understand better what you are observing.  https://youtu.be/eXR7p56acDM

Group two- Activity Three

Think of a moment when you have self-talk yourself, "I can do this!" or "what's the point?" Did you knowingly choose to use self-talk, or did it just happen?
Please share with your partner the reason for the self-talk, whether good or bad. What was the outcome of it? Did you regret it?  Watch the video on why we self-talk to understand both positive and negative.  https://youtu.be/yWDo-y-tK7k

Group three- Activity Four

Take a few minutes and envision what you would like your life to be like five years from now. Do you think this visualization activity will impact your motions and decisions in the future?
Do you think your choices today will affect how you are five years from now? The reason behind this is to see how much of a realistic plan you can make. Watch the video to see how much of an illusion we walk around with; try to understand how your future self would react. https://youtu.be/XNbaR54Gpj4

After completing the activities and gathering all the information about your partners, each group will create a presentation. Think outside the box on presenting something that will catch our attention. 

If you decide to create a PowerPoint, don't jam it with words; remember you are introducing your partner to the audience. We don't know a person by reading. The presentation should be between 10-15 minutes. Watch the Video on how to make a good PowerPoint.  https://youtu.be/grJ0FbpfvOw

If you decide on making a video, it should be between 10-15 minutes, no longer. Your Video should Grasp the audience's attention. Please give us a storyline in the Video. Watch the Video on how to make a presentation video. https://youtu.be/xnZzXckB5TU

If you decide to use a poster to present, create an outline and design it as best as possible to engage with your audience.
Watch the Video on how to create a creative poster board. 

At the end of the presentation, each student will inform the teacher on how they contributed to the group work. What was your role(s) in ensuring the project was complete? How did you feel working with a group? You can use outside references when completing the presentation, but make sure to include all references at the end. 

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