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Step by Step Instructions



  1. Print out the Jung & Briggs Myers Handout below. Take the Jung & Briggs Myers Personality Test by clicking on the link. Record your results (4 letters) on the handout. (Mrs. Tuck is an INFJ, for example.) 
  2. Visit the website TypeLogic and read the Psychological Profile that matches yours. At the bottom of the page, record at least one famous person who shares your personality type. 
  3. Next, visit the Kiersey Temperament page. Look along the right column and find your four letters. It will match up with one of the 4 temperaments---Guardian, Artisan, Idealist, or Rational. Record which one you are in your notes. (For example, I am an INFJ; therefore, my temperament type is "Idealist: Counselor.")
  4. Now that you know more about who you are and what you are passionate about, find out what jobs suit your personality. Visit the Personality Page and click on the arrows icon at the top labeled "Personality and Careers." Find your letters again and read through the information. At the bottom of the page, read which career paths are suggested for you. Record the three that are of most interest to you. (You may not necessarily agree with the findings! That's okay...)
  5. To learn more about your career, I suggest you start by visiting this site, California Career Zone @ http://www.cacareerzone.org/index. Explore Job Families and, if offered, watch the videos that explain your career in detail. If you know specifically which career interests you most, visit the website Occupational Outlook Handbook Online. It tells you more about schooling, salary, working conditions, and outlook trends. Fill in the table for only 1 of the careers you picked. Take Cornell notes on the back of your Jung "On my Road" Handout or on a separate piece of paper. YOU MUST CORRECTLY CITE ALL YOUR SOURCES.
  6. Double check that you have all the data you need for your presentation. Go to the Career Cruising website. Inside are career quizzes, job clusters, and information on salary, education requirements, etc.
  7. Prepare to interview someone in the career field of your choice. I will help you find a contact if you don't have one. Develop 15-20 interview questions. Check out Pursue the Passion website to see some sample interview questions and get ideas. 
  8. Set up the interview using one of 3 methods: face-to-face (accompanied by an adult), over the phone, or e-mail. Conduct the interview within the next two weeks and be prepared to turn in your Cornell Notes from it, along with a Works Cited page.
  9. Write a 250-word reflection about the entire career research/webquest process.
  10. Choose a unique projects: PowerPoint, poster display, demonstration speech, brochure, etc. Synthesize all the information you've gathered and prepare a 5-7 minute speech/presentation explaining what you've learned. You may use notecards or a small outline, but you should not read directly from your slides or turn your back on your audience.
  11. Check the timeline and rubric to make sure you have met all deadlines and requirements. Turn all handouts in.

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