Marketing Planning and the 4 P's

A- Product Development


One member of your group will further develop the product and its features. Use your product information and market research you have already developed in your business plan as a basis for this section of the marketing mix.

Continue your research about current products or services on the market. It will help you ensure your product is UNIQUE and DIFFERENT from those currently in the marketplace.  Think about these questions as you are developing your product:

-Why would someone want to buy it?
-What are the features of your product?
-What are the benefits of your product?
-What makes it unique and different? 
-How will it be packaged?
-Is it designed using something unique? ie. eco-friendly products (How important is this to your target market?)

-A 1-page clear and concise overview of your product. You must be an expert on your product.

-Include a prototype of your product or brochure, poster or postcard of your service.  If you want to do something different to physically show your product speak to the teacher.


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