The Real Number System



To embark on your exploration of the Real Number System you should use the tabs to the left to guide.

  1. You should have already viewed the TITLE, INTRODUCTION, and TASK pages
  2. Finish reading this (PROCESS) page
  3. View the EVALUATION page tab next and anytime you need to consult the Rubric
  4. Start your actual exploration of the Real Number System with the VOCABULARY assignment tab
  5. Next move on to the RESEARCH assignment tab
  6. Then go to the JOURNAL assignment tab
  7. Finally go to the QUIZ tab
  8. When you have completed all 4 assignments, go to the CONCLUSION page tab
  9. Optionally, you may want to try the Hangman Game, but do not spend all your time there since you receive no points for playing hangman
Proceed to the Evaluation tab

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