Solving Inequalities


Go to http://www.coolmath4kids.com

Step One: Click on the "Math Lessons," scroll down to "Help with Algebra 1 Topics." Click on "Solving Inequalities." From here, focus on X4, and then go to *4 to review how to solve a basic inequality. Once you thoroughly reviewed this lesson, go to Crunch Some ( practice what you have learned). Once you feel confident with your practice you can proceed to the next step.

Step two: Then, hit the back icon at the top of the screen, scroll down ans choose "X4 section 5." Once you have thorougly reviewed this lesson, CRUNCH SOME exercises.

Step three: Hit the back icon at the top of the screen, scroll down and choose "X5" (Section 1 and 2 to review Absolute Value Inequalities). This time, write out the steps and show me the steps you used to solve inequalities with absolute value. Then proceed to step four.

Step Four: Again, hit the back icon at the top of the screen, scroll down and choose "Section X5 steps 3 and 4 to keep practicing more inequalities with absolute value. " CRUNCH SOME!

Step Five: For more practice go to classzone.com (eWorkbook) Link is at the bottom of this line.


1. from here select "practice, practice, practice

2. then (eworkbook)

3. From the main menu, select chapter six

4. Then, select lesson 6.1 and perform (self-chek your answers)

5. Once you finish activity 6.1 keep going through all the lessons from 6.1 through 6.7

Step Six: Once you have practiced all six lessons, lets practice a real world problem that implies the use of Inequalities, solve a riddle, lastly do a chapter test. How? Click on the attachments, print the work sheets. Solve the real work problem, and the riddle with your partner, and then once you have finished these two activities print your chapter test. Show me how much have you learned from the exploration of this web quest. You will find the attachments on the bottom of this paragraph.



  • File
    Description: Lets solve a RIDDLE

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    Description: Chapter Test

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    Description: Real-Life Application

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