Shoulders to the Wheel!

You will work in groups of four.

Each member will choose a season to work on.

Green: Group work

Light blue: Individual activity

Red: Attention comments!


You will read the lyrics of the song and select a season title for  each stanza.

Remember  that there are some differences between season time in the North and South Hemisphere!

You will listen to the song and complete it with the missing words.

Show your final score to the teacher!

You will take out the words closely related to each season and classify them within a table.

Task 1

You will watch the video resource and choose a Haiku poem for each season.

You will illustrate each Haiku with pictures taken from google images copying and pasting them on a word document.

Task 2

In group, you will rearrange the verses of four Haiku poems, taking into account its conventional pattern of three lines of five-seven-five syllables and decide which season, each poem goes with.

Remember to give your final score to the teacher!

You will create a power point presentation with a maximum of five slides showing how much you learnt about Haiku poems. You will perform this activity on the season you have chosen.

You can highlight the syllables, translate the Haiku into Spanish or simply illustrate it.


Task 3

You will read the article “How to write a Haiku” to learn more tips about Haiku writing.


You will write your own Haiku and send it to the teacher’s email address. The teacher will underline the mistakes for you to correct and send it back.

Once you are sure your Haiku is properly written you will publish it at the Facebook Haiku Society and become a Haiku writer.


You can use the online English-Spanish dictionary to help yourself.


Task 4

You will show and recite the poem to the class using your creativity to illustrate it. You can use mimes, gestures, posters, appropriate costume, music, musical instruments, etc.

Computers will not be allowed at this stage.

Remember to send all group or individual activities to the teacher’s email address.


Final Task

The class will choose the ten best productions which will be shown to the whole school community and published in the school digital magazine.

Some of them can also be painted as graffiti on the school outside walls

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