Food Safety



In order to be prepared to write the blog you must first do research so that you have appropriate background material.  Be sure to use quality web sites for your information.  Be thorough in your research and write your resulting blog in your own words.  You may copy and paste web addresses for documentation.

  • Fill out the chart on specific food borne illness given to you by your instructor.
Research the following: (give examples of foods that use each type below and tell how long they should last if stored properly)
  • Expiration dates
  • Sell by dates
  • Julian dates
  • To help you know what foods typically use each of these, research the following or go home and look in your pantry and refrigerator - meats, canned goods, eggs, milk, packaged foods.
  • List and explain the four steps to food safety
  • Explain the food danger zone
  • Give information on the recent egg recall - include locations, companies, why, which ones? (Where in the egg is the salmonella found?  How is it destroyed?)
After fully researching the above information, write the summary of the information in blog form (a blog is an informal writing, almost like you are having a conversation with someone.)     Please use a Word document for this portion.  Start your blog by telling about the recent egg recall and then speak to other forms of food borne illness.  Then focus on prevention and use by dates.  Turn in the completed chart that is the first step above also.

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