Measurement, Graphing, and Safety

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Step 1:    You will be working together as a group exploring web sites that your teacher has selected. These sites are important because they will provide basic information about the topic as a whole.  The following activities should be done in your interactive notebook unless otherwise specified.

  1. CreateAGraph - Practice creating various types of graphs.
  2. SignificantFigures - Practice with significant figures.
  4. Antoine Uncertainty in Measurement Tutorial
    This site provides an interactive look at precision and significant figures in measuring applications. The students are taken through a tutorial designed with appropriate feedback and remediation at each level.  Be sure to review the material if you miss any questions.  These answers should be recorded in your interactive notebook.
  5. Antoine Significant Figures Quiz
    The Antoine site provides a randomly generated quiz for students to test their application knowledge of significant figures, accuracy, and precision.  I must see your quiz score for this to be valid.  Do not close it until I have seen it.  This is an individual activity and you should each attempt it alone.  Your final test will be taken alone so your need to know if you can do it.

    Step 2:  Follow the links and complete the associated tasks.


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