First Grade Weather



1.    Learn about what causes different kinds of weather:
       You are to learn about the types of weather and what is needed to create each kind    weather such as thunder storm, rain, snow, etc.

2.    Learn about how weather persons predict the weather

3.    Watch weather forecasts and explore weather forecasts online to see how weather         forecasts are put together and what  is included in weather forecasts.

4.    Explore the tools used to predict and analyze weather

You can assign the following tasks to the members of your group:

Student 1.   Researcher: One person in your group needs to find the information you need to understand how weather happens and what is needed to create weather in a certain place.

Student 2.  Explorer: One person in your group needs to explore weather forecasts and learn how they are put together and what weather persons include in a forecast.  This person will also be the camera person.

Student 3.  Artist: One person in your group needs to be an artist to create your props and maps according to what people include in weather forecasts.  The Artist will also help the researcher.

Student 4.  Director: One person in your group needs to compile information and help everyone else find what they need to complete their job.  The director also acts as the weather forecaster.


Web Link
  • Edheads Weather
    Description: An interactive activity to help children understand what causes certain types of weather.

Web Link
  • Weather Watch
    Description: Scholastic's online interactive activity to help children understand what causes certain types of weather and how to forecast it.

Web Link

Web Link
  • Website
    Description: The web site for the PBS show Cyber Chase. It includes video clips from the show and interactive activities to help you learn about weather.

Web Link
  • Weather Wiz kids
    Description: An informative web site that explains how weather happens.

Web Link

Web Link
  • AccuWeather for Kids
    Description: a web site to show the forecast for any zip code. Includes animated weather map and weather information.

Web Link
  • BBC Weather
    Description: Weather web site for BBC so students can watch a weather forecast from another country.

Web Link
  • AZ Central Weather
    Description: Web site for the forecasts of central Arizona with up to date video.

Web Link
  • KSDK Weather Forecast
    Description: local weather forecast station that includes up to date video of the day's weather.

Web Link

Web Link

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